UPPAbaby VISTA All-in-One Stroller 2015 Review

Review of: UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Use: Make easier to transport Baby while you walk.

We Like

  • Ease of operation
  • Lay down seat back
  • Ease of handling
  • High capacity storage
  • SPF 50+ canopy

We Don't Like

  • It is very heavy
  • Limited replacement parts
  • A slight backwards tip risk


The UPPAbaby Vista is definitely one of the best strollers 2015. This stroller has so many functional features that a lot of new parents want in a baby stroller. It adapts to infant car seats, it has the reversible toddler seat, is easy to use, has plenty of space for storage and maneuvers very well. I would highly recommend this one as a good option for you to cart your children around with. I have had mine for about a year now and I would not part with it.

Product Description

Seat: We can use the toddler seat to four different positions.

Canopy: The canopy provides superior UPF 50+ protection for your infant and is large and fully adjustable. There is also an extension visor. A mesh window with a peek-a-boo magnetic flap allows you to look under the canopy to check on your baby.

Handle: The handle is fully adjustable and has a span of between 40.5 and 42.8 inches. There is one central button that is perfect for taller people. The material like neoprene is cover the handle and helps to provide a secure grip.

Wheels: Fine rubber covering large wheels on the stroller and are airless with a foam core so that they are perfect for a variety of terrains.

Fold and Unfold: The UPPAbaby stroller can self-lock and self-stand when it is folded and is simple to fold with three quick hand gestures to unlatch it and then a strong push to cause it to fold. It is difficult to fold with one hand; you will definitely need two for the job. When you are ready to unfold the stroller, just release the fold lock and then rotate the handle up. The brakes should be locked before you try to set the stroller up or close it up to stop it from moving around.


This baby pram stroller is very easy to push with large rubber wheels filled with foam. The front wheels swivel and lock and the rear wheels are large enough to absorb bumps and shock, making for a very smooth ride. The UPPAbaby Vista is responsive and can be pushed with just one hand. It is easy to push it on pavement and into tight spaces and the stroller turns well both on grass and on gravel.

Ease of Use

The UPPAbaby Vista is a reasonable size and is somewhat heavy for a stroller, but this is because there is room for two children with a rumble seat. The unit can be used with a bassinet so that you do not have to wake the baby when he or she is sleeping just to secure them into the stroller. Green and red indicators can let you know if the seat is attached securely or not. The bassinet must face the person pushing the stroller. If you plan to use the Rumbleseat then the main toddler seat has to be parent-facing with the Rumbleseat placed underneath the stroller.

Down below the UPPAbaby stroller you will find a deep, large basket that can hold a large diaper bag and several other large items including grocery bags. A large metal bar in the center of the basket divides it into two distinct compartments which also serve to provide more stability to the frame. The back of the basket has open pockets to hold bottles, wipes and cups. A small pocket with a zipper located on the rear of the seat can hold keys or a cell phone.

Setting and GO


The UPPAbaby Vista has stable brakes by pushing on a single foot lever that is used to set and release the brakes. The five point harness is easy to buckle and there are waist straps that can be adjusted easily. Smaller children should be secured in a car seat adaptor or the bassinet that comes with the unit. I think that this is one of the best infant car seat strollers that you can purchase because it is not going to tip backwards unless you plan to hang a diaper bag on the handlebar, which I definitely would not recommend.


There are certain items that do not come with the UPPAbaby Vista stroller including the cup holder, snack tray and parent organizer, but this baby carriage stroller has so many great features that you probably won’t need all of those extra items. This stroller seat carries a baby from three months of age with the use of the bassinet or an infant car seat. This seat is compatible with a variety of different car seats as long as you purchase the adapter and there are several including the Peg Perego, the Maxi-Cosi, the Graco and the Chicco.

The bassinet that comes with the UPPAbaby Vista is quite comfortable and luxurious. It can be used for infants right from newborn stage up to 20 pounds and features an aerated mattress. The Sun Canopy has a design to increase the airflow and this assists in the regulation of the infant’s body temperature.

A breathable mesh bug shield can be zipped onto the stroller for those warm summer nights when you want to get outside. A vinyl weather/rain shield is included to be used with the toddler seat.

What's New?


This is one of the best travel system strollers and is manufactured with an aluminum frame and eco-friendly materials. You won’t have to worry about getting a flat tire and the fabrics are all removable for easy cleaning. If you are shopping around for a stroller or a stroller system that holds a bassinet, this is definitely a good choice because it has a wide range of options to hold infants and older toddlers. You can transport two children around with minimal effort and stow the unit in the back of your car with a few easy steps to fold the stroller up for storage.