An Organic Nursery for the Baby

Because infants are so much more fragile than adults, keeping an organic nursery is important if you want to protect your baby from the chemicals that are in most everyday products. Considering how much time a baby will spend in their nursery, it’s important to have clean and healthy products as much as possible.


This is where you will want to invest in some organic cotton sheets, mattress pads, and blankets. Don’t forget the bumper pads too, if you are using them in a crib. They don’t necessarily have to be cotton either. Many new organic fabrics are coming available, including wool and even bamboo. This all really applies to clothing as well as nursery bedding. Organic fabrics are best and can now be found at a multitude of baby shops.

Cleaning Products

Baby’s room is going to need frequent cleaning, so make sure you’re not adding any extra toxins to your child’s environment with harsh cleansers. All-natural cleaners are not that hard to find these and are great for just general wiping down of the surfaces in an organic nursery. Or with a few extra moments, you can mix up a few organic cleaners on your own with some vinegar or baking soda.


This tip extends past the nursery itself, but most certainly can’t be ignored. Disposable diapers are terrible for the planet, considering that the average child will go through more than 6,000 of them before they are toilet-trained. But they also have chemical residues on them that are not great for baby’s delicate bottom. Cloth diapers made with organic fabrics are much healthier from an organic standpoint and will even save you quite a bit of money over their lifespan. Modern snap closure diapers are easy to use and to keep clean with a handy diaper pail in your organic nursery.

Skin Products

There is nothing more delicate than infant skin, so you should treat it with the utmost care with only natural and organic products. Baby products for the skin are unfortunately often heavily scented which can be irritating after prolonged use. Unscented products are a much better bet, and those with only organic ingredients are even better. You’ll need to stock up on shampoo, conditioner, soap, skin lotions, diaper creams, just to name a few.

Home Decor

Don’t forget the actual room itself. When you set up your organic nursery, don’t use any paints or wall finishes that will slowly but surely release toxins into the air. Water-based paints should be used over oil-based, and an even better option would be old-fashioned milk paints. No toxic chemicals at all, and no longer “fresh paint” aromas.

Curtains or wall hangings should be organic fabrics if possible, and free of any additional treatments (such as fire-retardants). Even if they aren’t going to touch your baby’s skin, they will still contribute to the overall environment of your organic nursery.


Infant toys are almost always going to end up in the mouth, so they need to be safe. Cloth toys can be made with organic fabrics, and wooden toys need to be treated with non-toxic paints or even just left natural. Standard plastic baby toys may not be the best option due to chemicals like BPA.