Britax Marathon ClickTight Review

Britax marathon clicktight is easy to use, solid in feel, designed to be compatible in many vehicles, well designed, and will truly span a significant age rage.

Review of: Marathon ClickTight

Use: Keeping Kids Safe while you Drive

We Like

  • All the latest safety features. Britax has the safest car seat on the market.
  • Easy to install and adjust to your child.
  • Cute fabric selection.
  • Feels sturdy and well-made.
  • Can use the same seat for years as the child grows.

We Don't Like

  • The EZ Buckle is on the short side and can be uncomfortable.
  • This car seat is not cheap, BUT worth the money.
  • The seat is huge, so beware if you have a small car.
  • Chair is heavy - adds 10 pounds to the seat.


While this Britax Marathon ClickTight isn't the least expensive one on the market, you are certainly getting a lot of seat for your money. If you are the type who worries about safety—and who isn't? Knowing you have invested in a car seat that features all the latest safety features will help set your mind at ease. This seat is also about as easy to install as any you can find. Since you can use this sturdy chair for years, it ends up being a real value. I highly recommend this car seat to everyone.

Product Description

The Britax Marathon ClickTight is a convertible car seat that is designed to be as safe and sturdy as possible as well as easy to install (#1 safest convertible car seat). It includes ton's features that are at the cutting-edge of safety technology, and it is super-comfy for your child.

One of the biggest advantages for choosing a convertible car seat is that it can be used for a longer period of time. While it's not the cheapest car seat on the market, this Britax seat is certainly worth the money. Parents can feel confident that they've made their child's car trips as safe and secure as possible when they purchase this seat.

Let me show you what is feature the car seat and most importantly how we use it to protect our kids while driving. Follow the review!

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Britax Marathon G4 VS Marathon Clicktight - What’s The Difference?

The Marathon ClickTight comes equipped with an installation system that is easy to install no matter what type of car you own. When the car seat is installed in the rear-facing position the anti-rebound bar minimizes forces that may occur during a crash; it accomplishes these by stabilizing the car seat.

It's no secret that up to 75 percent of car seats are not installed correctly which is why the ease and safety of the ClickTight Installation System is an excellent choice for your child. Unlike many car seats that are extremely difficult to install, the Marathon only requires you to open the front of the seat, buckle the car's seat belt across it and click it into place. You cand read Britax Marathon G4.1 review here.

Britax car seats also includes Safecell Impact Protection, the only car seat manufacturer to provide this feature. With an integrated system of safety features, your child has the highest level of protection within the industry.

The Britax Marathon series includes numerous safeguards that include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Side impact protection
  • A base that has the capability of absorbing impact
  • Frame made of steel

Some of the features you will find in a Marathon car seat include the following:

  • Base that absorbs energy
  • V-shaped tether (this is to prevent the seat from rotating too much)
  • Stitches of a staged-release variety (this slows and reduces any forward movement during a collision)
  • Connectors for latches
  • Ability to easily adjust the harness
  • Britax SafeCell Technology

In approximately 25 percent of accidents side impacts hold responsibility for the most severe injuries. The manufacturer designed the click tight version of the Marathon in light of these statistics. The shell of the seat includes the following:

  • Constructed of deep foam
  • Head protection that can be quickly adjusted
  • Side cushions

The combination of these three items helps form three layers of protection which provides your child with the highest level of protection possible from a car seat.

The Britax car seat design takes into account the fact that nearly 60 percent of harnesses are way too loose to afford the highest level of protection. All Britax models including the Britax Marathon 70 and the Britax Marathon G4 come equipped with the patented Click and Safe Snug Harness Indicator. The indicator takes the guesswork out of wondering whether the harness is tight enough and ensures your child is properly seated and that the harness is within the proper range of tightness. You will hear a clicking sound when the harness is tight enough.

Safety Features

The most important thing about a child safety seat is ensuring the safety of your child in the event of an accident or simply during every day driving. The Britax Marathon is a seat that provides high performance combined with an adjustable fit. This makes the seat an excellent choice for your child from the brand that provides everything a parent needs in a child safety seat.

SafeCell Impact Protection

One major safety feature is the SafeCell Impact Protection system, which is unique to the Britax brand. In addition to keeping your child from being thrown in a crash, the purpose of a car seat is to absorb the energy of an impact, much like a bicycle helmet. The Marathon ClickTight includes a number of innovations that work together to limit the effect of a crash on your child.

Side Impact Protection

Just like all new luxury cars, the SafeCell system includes several protections from dangerous side impacts. First, the seat's sides are deep enough to completely protect your child from any kind of flying object or debris that may come in from the side. Second, the headrest is thick and soft on all sides in order to protect your child's neck and head in an accident. Lastly, cushions on the external parts of the seat absorb additional energy and even protect passengers sitting next to the car seat.
Marathon ClickTight Features

Impact-Absorbing Base

The ClickTight's base has a special energy-absorbing feature that makes the seat extremely stable. In case of an impact, the base will compress and divert the energy from the chair. This helps keep the chair from lurching forward and colliding with the seat in front of it.

V-Shaped Tether

Another element of the SafeCell system is a two-strapped tether that works to keep the chair from twisting or rotating. It will pull apart in an accident, which absorbs some of the impact and keeps the chair from moving too far forward.

Steel Frame

Many parents will appreciate the knowledge that their child's car seat is reinforced with a strong, steel frame. This reinforcement keeps the seat from bending or twisting, which will help keep it intact.
Britax Marathon ClickTight Sheet

Safety and Easy Installation

The seat installs with ease and the harness adjusts to another position by simply pushing a button instead of having to re-thread it. This not only saves time but also ensures the seat is properly installed to provide your child with the highest level of protection.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Key

ClickTight Installation System

Trying to install a car seat can be one of the most frustrating daily tasks parents must do—and there can be serious consequences if it's done wrong. Luckily, this car seat's ClickTight system makes it pretty fool-proof. You just push a button, open up the seat and slide the seat belt through the slots. The seat easily clicks shut. It's almost impossible to do wrong.

7 Position Recline

Since every car is different, it's helpful to be able to adjust the angle at which the seat reclines. This seat has a full 7 different position to fit a huge range of cars, from 'big to small'.

Automatic Level Indicator

There's an Automatic Level Indicator to make it easy to choose the right position for your child and for your car.


Britax Marathon Quick-Adjust Technology

Quick-Adjust technology

Britax convertible car seats use Quick-Adjust technology, which makes fitting the harness to your child a snap. Pushing the red button on top of the seat and pulling up the handle allows you to choose one of 12 positions without a hassle. This is very convenient as the child grows. A correctly fitting harness is also necessary for safety.

EZ Buckle

Many car seats make it annoyingly difficult to fasten the buckle between the child's legs once they're sitting in it. You have to search around beneath or beside them, all while they're wiggling and trying to slide out of the seat! The Britax Marathon has solved this problem with what it calls the EZ Buckle, which has a pad that holds the buckle out of the way while you get the child into the seat. Once the child is settled, the buckle can be moved to the other position.

Extra Comfort Pillow

This seat also comes with a very useful additional body pillow for supporting new and smaller babies, who often seem to get lost inside a big car seat. This cushy pillow supports them underneath on either side so they don't slide around. This pillow is easily removable once the child can sit up properly on his or her own.

Thick Padding

The Marathon is lined on all sides with very comfy, squishy padding, which is nice for the child but is also a safety feature. Padding on the harness absorbs impact, and padding in general helps the child fit securely in the seat. The harness padding may actually be too much for smaller children and get in the way of a good fit, but it can be removed. It is a little tricky to do this; however, since you have to re-thread the harness through the back of the chair.

Design and Specifications

Like any car seat, the Marathon is designed to accommodate children based on their weight. This Britax car seat weighs 29.4 pounds and is 18"W by 23.5" H by 23"D. It is designed to fit children from 5 to 40 pounds in its rear-facing position. In the front-facing position, it will fit children between 20 and 65 pounds. Also, children can be up to 49" tall to use this chair.

What's New?

Help and Support

Even though this car seat is pretty easy to use, there are a number of video tutorials available on the Britax website. These tutorials will show you how to install the Britax Marathon ClickTight, uninstall it and adjust the harnesses. You can find the Britax Marathon ClickTight System User Guide here.



Car seats are a very important product for anyone who has children. With so many different models from which to choose, you may wonder which car seat would suit her needs and that of your child best. The first thing you want to keep in mind is the ease of installation that Britax provides. Too many times children are placed in car seats that are not properly installed, and if there is an accident the child risks being injured. In addition to ease of installation the Marathon Clicktight includes many safety features other car seats do not have available. This means your child is safest in a Britax convertible car seat. Thanks to read, hopefully our review can be answered all the parents as well.