Britax Boulevard ClickTight Review

Review of: Britax Boulevard Clicktight ARB

Use: Keeping Kids Safe while you Drive

We Like

  • The ClickTight System makes installation easy.
  • The no-rethread harness makes adjusting the harness height easy.
  • EZ-Buckle System makes sure the buckle and belly pad are out of the way when placing the child in the seat.
  • Lots of extra padding and high-quality materials.
  • Plenty of safety features, particularly the impact-absorbing base, steel frame, and harness pads.

We Don't Like

  • Uninstalling the LATCH can be difficult.
  • Crotch buckle is somewhat short.
  • A pool noodle may need to be used in some vehicles to achieve the proper newborn recline position.


The Britax Boulevard car seat seems to live up to all of the hype. A lot of the inconvenience and frustrations that come with typical car seats have been removed with this seat. Britax has also gone above and beyond to make sure that the seat exceeds safety standards so that a child has a lesser chance of being injured in a car accident. So, find product information and review for Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar here.

Product Description

The Britax Boulevard is a top-selling car seat from the top brand in safety and technology. Britax is well-known for its car seats being comfortable, easy to install, and safe.

Through side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base, properly fitting harnesses, and push-button adjustment, the Boulevard line of car seats receives high safety ratings.

Factor in the little extras like the EZ-Buckle system that removes just one more piece of aggravation from using car seats and the ability to remove the cover for when baby has an accident and you have yourself a winner.

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Safety Features

This Britax convertible car seat has SafeCell impact protection and Britax is the only brand to offer this world-class technology. Other features include:

2 layers of side protection

The Boulevard is built with two strong layers that absorb side impacts. The foam-lined shell goes deep and the quick-adjust head protection ensures that the child’s head experiences minimal movement in the instance of a side impact.

Anti-Rebound Bar

The anti-rebound bar attaches to the front of the Britax Boulevard car seat when it is in the rear-facing position. This prevents too much rebound movement if a front-end crash occurs.
Britax Boulevard Clicktight Features

V-shaped tether

The V-shaped tether minimizes seat rotation at all times, but this is especially important during a crash.

Staged-Release Stitches

Staged-release stitches reduce and slow forward movement during a crash.

Impact-absorbing base

In the case of a crash, the base also absorbs some of the force from the impact, keeping that force away from the child as much as possible.

Impact-stabilizing steel frame

Just as the base absorbs some of the impacts in a crash, the Britax convertible car seat steel frame does the same.

Impact-absorbing harness pads

Even the harness pads are made to absorb the impact of a crash so that as little force as possible is placed on the child.
Britax Boulevard ClickTight Sheet

Safety and Easy Installation

Easy installation is a preference among parents because the easier it is, the more likely it is to be correct. There are several installation features that Britax has integrated into this car seat so that installation can be as simple and frustration-free as possible. Those features are:

ClickTight Installation System

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Key
The ClickTight Installation System makes installation happen in just a few steps. You attach a lower harness strap after making sure the harness is adjusted and secured at the hip position. Britax says that installation is almost as simple as buckling a seatbelt.

7-position recline

The 7 recline positions help ensure this seat fits well in your vehicle, which also means making sure your child is comfortable.

Automatic level indicator

The automatic level indicator on the side of the seat lets you know that the seat is level. If the seat isn’t level, it’s time to figure out why and fix the problem. Sometimes it may have to do with the angle of the car seat vs. the angle of the back seat of the car, which is why the car seat has 7 recline positions. When the seat is level and tight, then you know it is installed correctly. Compare the features on the Britax Advocate.


Of course, you want your child to be comfortable. No parent wants their child to be in discomfort during a car ride if they don’t want to lose their sanity along the way. Fortunately, the Britax Boulevard comes with a number of convenient features that make owning and using the seat easier:

No-rethread 14-position harness

It is easy to adjust the harness height for a growing child or for when you may be seating a child other than your own in the seat.

Quick-adjust 2-position buckle

You can easily adjust the buckle without having to fight with it too much.

Plush foam padding

The foam padding adds, even more, comfort to the seat.

EZ Buckle

The crotch strap and the buckle are held out of the way, keeping you from having to dig around for the buckle while holding a child in position.

Removable body pillow

The body pillow is great for when you want to keep an infant in place. However, children grow and that means it needs to be removed.

Removable Cover

This is like gold for some parents because they can remove the cover and wash it after those nasty spills and accidents happen.

Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator

The Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator makes an audible click when the straps holding your child in the seat reach the correct tightness. Some parents have said that they have clicked too soon, but others say they have had no problem.

Installation Instructions

Correct installation is everything because incorrect installation puts your child at risk. Below are the installation instructions for both the rear facing and forward facing positions:


Britax Boulevard Rear Facing Versa-Tether
The easiest way to install the seat is through the ClickTight system. It is important to not remove too much slack from the belt because this can make the ClickTight panel difficult to close. All you can do in this case is try again. You may also notice that the rear-facing angle is a bit “off.” When pushing down on the seat during installation, try pushing down on the top of the seat while closing the ClickTight panel instead of pushing down in the foot area.

If you prefer to use LATCH installation, then you will need to release the LATCH connectors from the bottom of the seat and connect them to the anchors that are in your vehicle. You can use the LATCH installation until your child reaches 35 pounds. You will then switch to seatbelt installation where you will run the seatbelt through the guided slots in the back of the car seat.


Britax Boulevard Forward Facing Installation
The ClickTight system will also work well in the forward facing position. Once you realize how this system works, you will find that it is a breeze every time you have to install the seat in the vehicle.

If you prefer LATCH installation, you can use LATCH until the child reaches 40 pounds. At this point, you will need to switch to seatbelt installation where you will run the seatbelt through the guided slots in the back of the car seat.

What's New?

Weight, Size, and User Manual

The seat itself is said to be somewhat heavy at 28 pounds, but it can accommodate a child that weighs up to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position and 65 pounds in the forward-facing position. Height-wise, it can accommodate a child up to 49 inches tall in the forward-facing position.

The internal seat within the rear area is 10 inches and the seat width in the shoulder area is 11 inches. The widest part of the base is 14 inches with the seat width at the front being 17 inches. Factor in the torso wings and you have a seat that is 18 inches at its widest point.

Britax offers warranties and they provide a toll-free number for help during certain times of the week. Their hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 9:30 am to 5:45 pm ET and Friday 8:30 am to 4:45 pm ET. On their website, they also provide you with an online submission form, as well as information about safety recalls and notices. Britax Boulevard Clicktight User Guide.